Guest Artists

Lindsey Kennedy Portfolio

exhibiting till 20th December 2020

Mosaic Maker

Originally, I trained as a jeweller and silversmith at Birmingham school of jewellery and now work from a studio in Shrewsbury, making the move from metal work to mosaic. My technique has developed out of my gem setting skills, using small pieces of coloured stained glass, tiles and drops to create decorative embellished two dimensional surfaces. 



Nevil Road designs

continued update of furniture

Celebrate life events with unique individual collage, embroidery & upholstery. Beautiful handmade pieces personalised for Births, weddings, anniversaries or as a treat for your house and home.


Stephen Michael Law

exhibiting till 20th December 2020

A self taught artist, Stephen started painting seriously in 2010 after taking early retirement from teaching. He is inspired by the people and world around him and he is a versatile artist working with acrylics and oils.

He likes a challenge and will paint whatever takes his fancy, from the realistic to the abstract. His work has found homes in South Africa, Portugal, The Czech Republic, Germany and the UK.


Andy Smith

exhibiting till 20th December 2020

Andy is largely self taught, focused on learning from observation, seeking to create impressions of what he sees. 

His series of works reflects his love of waterfalls, their beauty, power and colour.

Andy has been fascinated by water and learned much from direct observations in his work for 9 years as a hydrologist for Thames Water. 

Now a priest he can still enjoy it and share that love, through art. 



Resincreations by Sue

exhibiting till 20th December 2020
My name is Sue, I create jewellery and artwork using resin and mixed media, this is all my own work which I’m learning as I go…

Jill Bagnall – Fusing Ideas Glass

exhibiting till 20th December 2020
Jill creates contemporary glass using high quality materials, modern equipment and ancient processes. Loving the challenge of this sometimes-unpredictable media, she knows the result will be enriched by the unique interaction between glass and light. Experimenting with colours and patterns, in compliment and contrast – searching for unusual combinations – Jill’s designs are often ordered and balanced though not necessarily symmetrical. Her kiln-formed glass range includes unique, fabulously functional open ‘vessels’, art and bright jewellery.     

Rachael Walker

exhibiting till 20th December 2020

Based in Shrewsbury, Rachael is inspired by the landscape around her, from the rolling hills to the misty horizons. She seeks to capture the moods and emotions of our surroundings in fluid abstract form. The creative possibilities with resin are endless and this is what motivates her, creating truly eye catching work that is new and contemporary, its glass like finish enhances the vibrancy of colour and depth. 


Penney Jones

exhibiting till 20th December 2020

Handmade jewellery, initially inspired by flowers but now heading off in all directions! Silver and gold vermeil, made in Shropshire.


Previous Artists

Ian Bingham

October 23rd – December 14th 2019

“I started painting in 1987. I was influenced by my father and uncle who were both keen artists. I like the work of the impressionists and that is the style I favour in my work. I paint in oils and mainly use a palette knife to build up the texture of the paint. I am now concentrating on the landscapes in Shropshire, this beautiful county we live in.”


November 20th – December 14th 2019

“I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember, and creating artwork has always been a driving force and passion in my life. My style has developed through many years of experience working in professional fine art studios”

Zoe Oakley

October 23rd – December 14th 2019

“I have always had a passion for being creative, using a colourful and defined approach for self expression. Through years of working in the creative world, I have gained a wide range of experiences in different fields of fine arts, such as ceramics, textiles and photography, but I always lend myself back to painting.

I work in a variety of styles often incorporating otherworldly archtypes and the life force of the deva world into my work. I honour the joy of manufesting the spirit of nature and the primordial roots of life.”

Prints and cards of Zoes’ work are also available to purchase.


Rosalie Arran

November 20th – December 14th 2019


October 23rd – November 16th 2019

“I am a self taught artist from Shropshire. I work mostly in acrylic and I paint the landscapes of Anglesey and North Wales capturing the varied coastline and mountain scenery. I am inspired by colour and the play of light on the sea.

I have exhibited my work at The Gateway centre and The Bear Steps Gallery in Shrewsbury and at Ironbridge Fine Arts Shropshire.

Anglesey holds my heart, I hope you can see my passion and love for the island in my work.”


October 23rd – November 16th 2019


October 23rd – November 16th 2019

Nigel Glaze is a landscape and portrait artist whose paintings have won awards, and are regularly exhibited throughout the UK but especially around the welsh marches.



September 20th – October 19th 2019

“I studied to A level in Guildford in Surrey, obtaining 11 ‘O’ levels and 4 ‘A’ levels, I then went on to do a Foundation Course at the Farnham College of Art, however after a few months I decided that I was not happy with tutors trying to make me do art their way, so I dropped out and became a civil servant! I have continued with doing my with doing my art my way, as I have been doing it ever since I could hold a pencil.”


September 20th – October 19th 2019

Having studied sculpture at St. Albans School of Art, Maggie went on to become a successful ceramicist from her early twenties through to the end of the Millennium. Her ceramic murals can be seen in Britain and abroad … and her highly distinctive smaller pieces exhibited in leading ceramics galleries. Over recent years, Maggie has concentrated on her drawing and painting, constantly working with different approaches and experimenting with different media.


Art and Music have always been life-long passions of Steven, so when he retired from a long career in IT he set about finding his own artistic voice. He has spent 4 years studying Watercolours and many of his current work includes Acrylics and Oils, whilst he continues to experiment with composition and technique. Steven is currently embarking on his final year of an HND in Art Practice and to date has exhibited his work in an array of local galleries.

Ruth Duffy

After retiring from working as an Occupational Therapist in 2010, Ruth had the time to truly pursue her love of Textiles. Despite living in Shropshire, she often draws her Irish heritage for inspiration, from County Donegal, County Down and County Dublin. Ruth has been exhibiting her work since 2015 and to date has showcased her work all around the Country. She has recently been exploring print and introducing it into her work which she feels adds a new aspect to her creativity.

Anne Armes

Lindsay Fellows

Much of Lindsay’s current work is abstract in expression. She usually works with fabric and papers, embellished by paint, hand and machine stitching, and creates 2D and 3D sculptural pieces. Lindsay works intuitively from a physical inspiration and her technique involves exploring connections within her preferred media that allow her work to develop organically, ending with a resolved piece. She has recently started incorporating printmaking into her work.

Jan Park

I have a studio at Fusion in Jackfield. I initially trained as a textile designer and later gained a BA degree in 3D design. I lectured at the Art School of Wolverhampton University before leaving to concentrate purely on my own work.

Colin Wade

Wendy Riddick

Wendy Riddick, is a textile artist, based in Shrewsbury, she gained a BA hons. in textiles at Goldsmiths & subsequently worked as an archaeological illustrator. Wendy has extensive experience of teaching art & design to foundation degree level at Shrewsbury College and City & Guilds embroidery and workshops at Westhope College, Shropshire.

Simon Milan

I am a largely self-taught artist and paint in watercolour. I specialise in aviation subjects; not everyone’s cup of tea, I know, but aviation has fascinated me since I was a small boy! I have been a Full Member of the Guild of Aviation Artists for over 20 years and regularly exhibit in the Guild’s annual “Aviation Painting of the Year” exhibition held in the Mall Galleries in London.

Charlotte Vale

I am a Shropshire born artist whose love of art started from a very young age. They say art is in the blood, being the second generation in a family of artists, it was inevitable that the desire of producing artwork would flow through my veins meaning that I could not ignore the calling.
I graduated from the University of Cheltenham with a 2:1 class degree in Fine art in 2009. Following on from a very successful exhibition.

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