The Angel House Gallery is a combination of power, inspiration and captivating art. Mike and Ann Fraser are thoroughly proud of the work they have achieved over the last couple of years, and are thrilled that the Angel House Gallery is now open for business.

Their inspiration for creating such a wonderful space came from the reality that showcasing Artwork can be extremely competitive and lucrative. However, they wanted to produce a gallery accessible for all, including emerging, mid- career and senior artists. 

‘Art is Too Important Not to Share’

All of the Artwork showcased in the Angel House Gallery is available to purchase. From our special featured artists to Ann’s very own fine detail portraits and broad landscapes. Visit Mike and Ann today to find out more or contact us online to make an enquiry.




Exotic colours on a deep sub ocean hydrothermal vent.
Tempera on Canvas
385mm x 515mm

Deep Ocean Vent

The suphurous towers of a deep ocean vent.
Tempera on Canvas
36cms x 44cms

Flowers of the Deep

A deep ocean vent teaming with life.
Tempera on Canvas
46cms x 43cms

Golden Dragon

Disguised as floating sea weed
52cms x 36cms

Ocean Tapestry

Tempera on Canvas
45cms x 43cms

Thriving at 7,000M Deep

Even Super Hot deep ocean vents have their assemblage of creatures.
Tempera on canvas
39cms x 36cms

The Power of Nature

The power of waves
Tempera on Canvas
87cms x 67cms

Neptune’s Garden

A colourfulwealth of “alien” creatures clustered together on a deep ocean hydrothermal vent.
Tempera on Canvas
390mm x 515mm

Yeti Dance

Yeti crabs rhythmically waving their filament covered claws, to enhance the flow of mineral rich water past the chemotropic bacteria they are cultivating on the filaments, for food.
Tempera on Canvas
560mm x 400mm

Top Dog


In the unseen world, deep in living tissue, there are worlds of hidden conflict. Viruses fighting antibodies, and usually winning.
Tempera on Canvas Triptych
830mm x 760mm

Friend & Foe


Virus and antibody, ever present and every where. Evolve for supremacy. Antibody’s form up to attack an invading virus.
470mm x 330mm

Lure of Light


A siphonophore flashing its bio-luminescent to attract its prey onto its stinging cells.
Tempera on Canvas
520mm x 380mm



A city of colourful creatures clustered on a deep ocean hydrothermal vent.
Tempera on canvas
380mm x 510mm

Shards of the Abyss

Towering calcite deposits from ocean vents. Often more than 50 metres high.
Tempera on canvas.
525mm x 390mm


Prawns snatching the hard cultivated chemotropic bacteria by the yeti crabs.
Tempera on Canvas
530mm x 380mm

Lure of Light


A siphonophore flashing its bioluminescence to attract its prey onto its stinging cells.
Tempera on Canvas
520mm x 380mm

I Heard That! sold as a pair

Observing a group of bashful looking donkeys with a goose.
750mm x 370mm
Tempera on board

I Heard That! sold as a pair

Observing a group of bashful looking donkeys with a goose.
260mm x 370mm, Tempera on board

Wild, Rocky Coast of Bretagne

The strong blue of the sea and the hard, worn rocks of the coast.
720mm x 440mm, Tempera on board


An exploding star
640mm x 485mm
Tempera on canvas

Summer Shade

Not so daft sheep, hiding from the hot Summer sun.
385mm x 535mm
Pastel on paper

Fruit Sellers

Every afternoon the fruit sellers came down to the beach; as elegant as debutants.
Tempera on canvas
580mm x 830mm

Festival of Mother Earth (Night)

2000mm x 1360mm
Tempera on canvas

Flowers of Destiny


Deep in a vital organ a virus radiates with vitality. It is at it’s zenith of its life; at the demise of another.
780mm x 595mm

Festival of Mother Earth (Day)

2000mm x 1360mm
Tempera on canvas

Lowland Landscape

A group of Aberdeen Angus complimenting the grand landscape of Lowland Scotland.
13600mm x 850mm, Tempera on canvas

Mon Cher Ami

Rain or shine, we went out together every weekend.
440mm x 545mm
Oil on canvas

History of Eden Island

1350mm x 950mm
Mixed media on canvas

Early Autumn

Walks on the Welsh moor lands
Oval 300mm x 250mm
Tempera on canvas


1040mm x 690mm
Tempera on canvas

A night’s work

The wives collecting their husbands hard gained catch in Portugal.
Tempera on board, 1220mm x 700mm

“you!” You Jezebel

Confrontation between the “church” and street musicians.
1200mm x 600mm, Tempera on canvas


Our pond with evening sunshine on the water.
560mm x 450mm
Tempera on board

City of Sulphur

430mm x 380mm
Tempera on canvas

The Gentle Giant

He was just standing there waiting for someone to talk to him,
490mm x 390mm, Tempera on board

Elan Valley

Sheep grazing on the hillsides above the Elan Reservoir.
580mm x 405mm, Pastel on paper

Perfect Community

1000mm x 700mm
Tempera on canvas

Folk Dancing

1300mm x 580mm
Mixed media on board

Word of Encouragement

Maidens tending Icarus. After he fell to Earth, having flown too close to the sun.
940mm x 800mm
Oil on canvas

Cold Day for a Bird

Ever hopeful, perched outside our window.
300mm x 250mm, Pastel on paper

The Haven

Tempera on board
1120mm x 600mm

Ferric Creatures

430mm x 380mm
Tempera on canvas

Sundown on Llangors Lake

A lovely sunset complimenting a beautiful lake.
370mm x 300mm, Pastel on paper

Market Day

Start of the day.
Tempera on Canvas
730mm x 580mm


A gift of flowers.
870mm x 660mm
Aquelle on paper

La Petite Mile Moule

Everyone helps at a festival.
300mm x 260mm
Tempera on canvas

Panning for Shrimps

300 x 510mm
Tempera on board


Stephen Michael Law

Exhibiting till Dec 20th 2020

Lindsey Kennedy

exhibiting till 20th 2020

Rachael Walker

exhibiting till Dec 20th 2020

Jill Bagnall

exhibiting till Dec 20th 2020


We open our gallery to both international and UK artists to help them to gain exposure to the public. Fill in the exhibitors request form via the link below and we will be in touch. 

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