Getting Creative For January


Welcome to a brand new year, a brand new month and a brand new decade. And what better way to start the roaring twenties than a whole 31 days dedicated to being creative; Happy International Creativity Month!

International Creativity Month

January is officially International Creativity Month. A month dedicated to  reminding individuals and organisations around the world to capitalize on the power of creativity.

“Unleashing creativity is vital for the personal and business success in this age of accelerating change.”

Founded by Randall Munson, International Creativity Month aims to inspire people, despite their backgrounds and work roles, to see what you can  produce to celebrate your own internal creativity.

“Not everyone is an artist or a designer or a musician, but everyone could benefit from a bit more creativity in their life.”


Whether you think of yourself as a creative person, or you just like to take time away from your busy daily routines, here are a couple of ways to help you be more creative…

Ways to unleash your creativity:

  • Take a break from daily chores
  • Move around or visit somewhere new or quiet
  • Find inspiration in your environment
  • Avoid digital distractions
  • Don’t be afraid of mistakes or of critical judgements
  • Find your flow and work freely
  • Capture your ideas and share your creativity

Our Angel Gallery

Although we are currently closed, why not head over to our website or social media channels to find out more about upcoming exhibitions, events and gallery news. Whether you would like to be a guest artist exhibitor, would like to use our meeting room, are interested in our brand new teaching classes or would like to purchase some of our beautiful work, get in touch today to find out more.

We would like to wish you all a very happy new year.


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