Art has always been my life. I was encouraged at an early age by having my works accepted for the annual Junior Exhibitions at the Royal Academy of Art on 3 occasions.

I continued in my now chosen career by attending The Chelsea College of Art. Not long after graduating, I became a teacher. Working in London. Later I moved to take up a post for Hampshire County Council and again to East Sussex Council.

During these years I had 9 works accepted for The Royal Academy’s Summer exhibitions. I also had works exhibited in both the Brussels Exhibition and the Edinburgh Festival. In addition to being accepted at many, more local venues.

Since coming to France I have regularly exhibited in my local town, Gorron and the larger venue at Ernee. Winning a number of prizes, the most treasured of which, was a miniature bronze head by Louis Debre. I also exhibited in a variety of venues in Western France; but have only been the “Invited Artists” once.

Over the years I have worked in a wide range of media, each to suit the chosen subject; which have ranged from portraits to landscapes by ways of fragments of my imagination.

I now work almost exclusively in Tempera which I find to be the most versatile of medium; permitting me a scope, from fine detail to broad landscapes. Applied in many veil like coats, it is the most subtle and rewarding medium. It has lasting qualities and ensures pigments to retain their full brilliance. This, largely overlooked, medium has been used since before recorded history and made possible the amazing works of the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. Tempera is made from very finely ground mineral and pigments, pure egg yolk (the adhesive) and a little rain water to dilute.

At present I am expanding my work in “Evolutionary Art” which I find most interesting and challenging. Based on cosmology and microorganisms. They appear to be in symbiosis yet are of a totally different scale. They fill the canvas with alien forms, appearing to be unreal, yet are alive and ever present. The translucency of these forms is particularly demanding; much like achieving the nuances of bubbles. My website – will show my progress to date

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